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If you are a big decision maker like Adam Adler, it is important that you are always at peak performance. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, that’s why it is ok to reach for something to help give you that little extra to keep you extraordinary. One way to achieve that is with Fuse Enerjel, an all-natural muscle and joint rub. This innovative product is forever changing the way people get energy, vital nutrients, and medicine. Enerjel is a performance-enhancing product from Fuse Science that is already available in GNCs all over the United States. The proprietary formula behind Enerjel is designed to help with muscle fatigue, and also gives users an energy boost to help them push through that last little line of resistance.

So What is It Exactly?

Folks like Adam Adler didn’t get where they are today without doing their due diligence before jumping into their next venture, and neither should you. While it would be quite difficult to not have heard of Enerjel after years of success and high demand, many people may still be wondering, just what exactly is this product made of, and how can it claim to be all-natural? Well you may be surprised to find that the ingredients are in fact naturally occurring, they include:

This muscle and joint rub was developed by Fuse Science Inc., a company put together from leading scientific minds that want to help individuals get the best out of their biology. Fuse Science has continued to raise the bar for what it means to get increased performance out of all-natural products. They have leveraged leading science to create a patented energy formula that delivers vital nutrients at a concentration previously unheard of. What once took drinking 8, 12, 16 ounces of energy drink, can now be accomplished safer and faster with just a few drops of Enerjel.

That Isn’t All

If you’re like Adam Adler, delivering peak performance may require a myriad of different supporting casts. That is why Enerjel isn’t the only product from the Fuse Science Inc. team.

PowerFuse for example is an orally applied gel that allows for optimal energy absorption, helping you get that little extra boost to beat out the competition. With zero calories and zero sugar, Powerfuse is a great workout supplement with less caffeine in it than an 8-ounce cup of coffee.

If that doesn’t float your boat, ElectroFuse is another orally administered gel that is infused with electrolytes. The formula has the advantage of quick absorption, beating out other options like Gatorade, quickly replenishing and refreshing, making it a great option for athletes in training or on the field.

If you want to get peak performance, Fuse Science Inc. offers a number of cutting-edge products that are looking to change the way we absorb nutrients, energy, vitamins, and minerals.

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